Up And Coming Stars With Vitiligo


Vitiligo is a skin condition where pigment is lost from patches of skin all over the face and body. Anyone can develop vitiligo at any time, but it has always traditionally been seen as something that needs to be covered up and hidden with clothes and makeup. These young women are making strides in the beauty and fashion industries by embracing their vitiligo and using their spotlight to create awareness.


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Combating “Allergy Face” With These Simple Tricks


Warm weather, blooming flowers, and more time outdoors doesn’t always sounds so great. Anyone with allergies knows the “allergy face” that comes with more time spent outside while allergens are in the air. Red eyes, a puffy face, and a chapped nose are just some of the symptoms of “allergy face” that are not only uncomfortable, but can sometimes leave us feeling self-conscious. Here are a few simple tricks to try if you don’t want to suffer from “allergy face” any longer.


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Which Acid Is Right For Your Skin?


While putting an acid on your skin may sound scary, there’s a good chance that a lot of the skincare products you’re already using contain some form of acid. When used in skincare products, acids can help treat and prevent acne, reduce wrinkles, and fade dark spots. The trick to acids in skincare is finding the right type for your skin. Here’s a guide to help you decide on what acid is best for your skin type.


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Wet Hair Hacks To Get You To Work On Time


We’ve all had those mornings where we’ve slept in just a little too long and now we’re rushing to work. On these mornings, we’re left with two decisions: go to work with limp and greasy hair, or go to work with wet hair. Most of the time, neither of those options are acceptable for the work place. For mornings where you’ve slept in a little too long, here are some hacks that will allow you to have clean hair without being late for work.


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Woman Gets Real About Bikini Bodies

With magazines pushing wight loss pills and programs, celebrities endorsing new diet fads, and Photoshopped pictures all over the pages and screens of the mainstream media, it’s hard to have a very positive self-image. The mainstream world seems to only consider people who are “beautiful” to also be thin and virtually flawless. Many “beauty” standards push an unrealistic expectation on both men and women.


Life coach Rachael Spencer took to Instagram to call out “diet culture, fitness, cellulite cream” that is being forced on women and young girls. She decided to post a side-by-side picture of her at 13 with low self-esteem in a bikini, and her today at 26 with a lot of self-love in her bikini.

Unlike many before and after pictures, Spencer’s isn’t involve some extreme weight loss or dangerous surgery to make her closer to the unrealistic ideals of “beauty”. For Spencer the before and after picture is all about an internal transformation.


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